Diy Coffered Ceiling Over Popcorn

Diy Coffered Ceiling Over Popcorn. We also needed trim for the edges and chose 1″x3″ pine boards to cover the rough edges. Cover your floor and spray a small section of the ceiling let sit for a minute or so and while holding the mud tray under the scraper start scrapping letting the plaster fall into the tray.

Cover Your Popcorn with a DIY Coffered Style Ceiling
Cover Your Popcorn with a DIY Coffered Style Ceiling from

Just glue up ( we used cheap caulk for the adhesive) these ultra lite tiles made of recycled styrofoam are easy to cut and can be would have cost around $1200 to have the old ceiling scraped down and another $1200 to have it refinished and painted. We used it in a bathroom, seen below: Have your two partners hold the beadboard in place while you use a pneumatic nail gun to nail the sheet to the ceiling joists.

Scraping the popcorn ceiling is not that hard of a job, all you need is a spray bottle with water a 6 inch scraper and a cheap drywall mud pan.

See more ideas about popcorn ceiling, covering popcorn ceiling, ceiling. If you are looking to update your home but want to do this yourself and save the cost of a decorator, here is the process to remove the stipple of this treatment and give your ceiling a fresh, smooth look. We made sure to find and mark our joists before putting up the sheet rock. Get rid of all of that popcorn by covering every inch of it with planks.