Diy Rain Barrel Diverter

Diy Rain Barrel Diverter. You can read up on the initial work here. Shipping is only $7.30 per kit for u.s.

Earthminded Do It Yourself from www.therainbarreldepot
Earthminded Do It Yourself from www.therainbarreldepot from

You do not have to situate it directly underneath your downspout, since your diverter kit will include a hose. With the locknut in position, keep tension on the string to keep it in place. Connect the rain barrel diverter kit follow your diverter kit’s instructions, using a hacksaw to cut a spot in your downspout to insert your diverter.

The hose conveniently connects the.

Basically the barrel was purchased on craigslist {of course!} and we painted it to match the house and protect it from uv rays. A rain barrel is a. Drill a spigot at the bottom of the container and leave enough room so a bucket can fit under it. The goal is to get rain water into the barrel and as long as that happens, all is good.