Gas Smell In House But No Gas

Gas Smell In House But No Gas. If you smell gas (which smells like rotten eggs) whether you notice a flame on your gas stove or not, open your windows immediately and then make sure all the knobs on your stove are turned off. The smell kept getting stronger and stronger but no one else could smell it.

How to Correct or Prevent a Smelly Odor Coming from a
How to Correct or Prevent a Smelly Odor Coming from a from

We have a gas viking range that has two over a, a large normal sized oven, and then a smaller oven next to it. If you smell rotten eggs with no apparent source, it could mean you have a gas leak. If the smell is very weak and coming from an appliance:

Exit the area immediately—if the smell of natural gas is mild, open the windows of your home, turn off the pilot light in your fireplace or water heater, and leave the house and surrounding area.

If the smell persists turn off the gas at the meter, see our guide here. Signs of a natural gas leak rotten egg smell. Dan robinson , 28 jul 2014 This can usually be located near the gas meter and has a handle that can be turned 90 degrees.